In December we took over STANCE’s editorial reins from Syniva Whitney. We owe Syniva a debt of gratitude for bringing us in during STANCE’s early stages and trusting us to be its caretakers going forward. As new editors we had many long conversations about the importance of STANCE’s mission and our role in furthering that mission. From these conversations we developed this list of STANCE goals for 2013:

// Foster exchange between the dance world and communities that don’t traditionally overlap with that world.

// Expand readership and contributors.

// Publish and support the work and processes of artists of all stripes and at all stages in their practice.

// Activate STANCE as a vehicle to nurture an artist’s changing approaches and ideas.

// Encourage experimentation. STANCE’s categories may function as a score, giving structure to expand creative possibility.

In pursuit of these goals, we encourage our readers, listeners, past and future contributors to converge at our monthly STANCE gathering.

We gather to shorten the distance between editors, contributors and passersby. From these meetings we hope to cultivate content for STANCE. We welcome small talk, theory and improvisation. At gatherings you can be free, messy and experimental.

At past gatherings we’ve imagined FOCI for the future and enlisted volunteer copy editors. We dig this suggestion from a participant at our last gathering: Give an artist the keys to STANCE; allow them to curate submissions and deposit the detritus of their process. We are eager to hear your visions for STANCE.

Our next gathering is on Monday February 18th at 4pm at Scratch Deli, 1718 12th Ave, Seattle.

Come prepared to write: respond to editors’ prompts or personal impulse. We all write simultaneously—procrastination be damned. We’ll also plan the next gathering, so bring your calendar along.

If you are interested in gathering, but unable to attend, contact Jan or Tyler about joining STANCEparty, an online STANCE forum. We are also happy to meet with you one-on-one. Just drop us a line.


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