Dance and cinema are both wonderful examples of the way unique perceptions of time influence artistic process and output. The body moves, the camera moves. The body explores space, the camera records and frames space. The body responds to events in time, past, present and future. The eye of the camera dances and creates movement in collaboration with place, light and sound. Duration, presentation and perspective become exciting possibilities for the maker to explore. How do artists of all disciplines shape time in their work? Is time a material? Is time an action? Is time an abstraction?

ABOUT:TIME was the theme of Velocity’s Next Fest NW 2014.

Syniva Whitney

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Dramaturgy and Time 

How do you create time? 

Notes on the Cine-choreographer: Rituals In Transfigured   Time 

Ruminating on Judson Dance Theater’s Pervasive Legacy 

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