STANCE is delighted to share another artist2artist podcast, produced by Beth Graczyk. In Beth’s words:

This is an interview with Sara Shelton Mann conducted by Alice Gosti and myself, Beth Graczyk. Sara taught an intensive during Velocity’s Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation (SFDI) focusing on enlivening the body and its potential through multiple avenues of energy work. Utilizing Qigong, contact improvisation, imagery, biomechanics, bodywork and full-body dancing she invented tasks that would disrupt habitual patterns of physical movement.

As a dancer I appreciated her emphasis on discovering potential energy through tending rigorously to the physical body and letting that be a portal to the energetic body. It felt grounded while opening up into new territories of sensation. Sara’s work uniquely accessed larger frames of composition—space, time, and story, through the practice of opening up the body’s energy and actively playing with it.

This audio interview was recorded August 2nd, 2013 at Velocity Dance Center.


During the interview I ask about Sara’s teachers, and she later realized there were a few she didn’t mention. So, here are Sara’s additional influences in her own words:

“My additions – i realize around teachers that Contact [improv] had a huge influence on me -2 aha moments – the time i saw Helen Clarke rolling around Andrew Harwood’s neck and shoulders – that was it for me – contact began. The other – the first time i saw a dowsing l rod. I fell in love.

2 people i am inspired by performing are Keith and Maria Francesca Scaroni. Also Franziska Boas and Alwin Nikolais. And then there is John O’Keefe who is just a genius – spoken word – writer, actor, poet.

l, sara”

artist2artist is a podcast of conversations that source dance and dance making. These conversations are between artists engaged in creative research and performance, aiming to provide insight into the rich landscape of ideas generated through the process of making work. You can subscribe to artist2artist through iTunes.

These interviews and recordings have been collected by Beth Graczyk, dancer, choreographer, teacher and published biochemist. Beth is joined on this recording by Alice Gosti, a Seattle-based dancer/choreographer/performer/filmmaker originally from Perugia, Italy.


Image of Sara Shelton Mann copyright Mark McBeth.

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