Robert Adams

Robert Adams


Making work in Seattle has become an engagement with Manifest Destiny. What once was the Last Frontier has become a New Frontier, in which the promise of salvation and new beginnings has ceased to be a lateral movement. There is no more land to discover, no further West we can go. Instead, we look up and implore some measure of vertical salvation, in which there is the capacity to progress uninhibited.

As old architecture is destroyed and new architecture is erected, social identity becomes ambiguous as the city experiences reformation without end in sight. The state of ambiguity reflects the unknown extent to which we can move up, and the upward direction of our desires alludes to our engagement with the unknown, the intangible, our inherent finitude transgressing upon the infinite.

Coupled in this upward motion stands a new generation, looking up, growing up, attempting to discern itself amidst the liminality of its surroundings. The shades of grey that run between life and death, creation and destruction, beginnings and endings, this is the place in which my generation can be found grasping and groping beneath the night sky left only with transgression and tragedy as our guiding lights.

What is the New West?

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