ElbyBroschNFNW2015A single body, comfortable, at home, moving with confident purpose and ease. Belonging. Seen because you want to see me. Heard because you want to hear me. Understood because you already understand. Connected because we have always been connected. My queer trans body articulating our humanity. Patsy Cline starts playing and you are reminded of your lover/ex-lover/childhood/ father/the drag performance you just attended. You slip into your past….. taking with you the intricate motions of my hands and the sweeping spirals of my limbs. We become one being in your consciousness. Other is erased. This is my utopia. This is my performance.

Utopia is connection: a loss of otherness.

Revolution is the first step towards utopia; the deconstruction before the build; the erasure before the story is rewritten. Revolution can connotate violence, but I envision a radical compassion that will heal, correct, and connect. I live in the constant pursuit of personal utopia.

I’ve felt it. You’ve felt it. Let’s feel it together.

The stage is dimly lit. Sonically, we drift in and out of songs that awaken nostalgia and memory. I’m wearing only shorts, so you can see my past. My movement is specific and strong, spherical and winding. My hands are descriptive while my body is perpetually diving and recovering. I will take you away to bring you home.

My solo is a gift. I believe in generosity. I give you my beautiful, powerful, trans body. I give you my past in exchange for a future together.

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