In a time when you can curate museum galleries, Instagram accounts, and sock drawers, what relevance does the word ‘curate’ have in the context of dance performance?

In this Feature Focus, we pulled together voices from artists and curators in the Velocity community to approach curating performance, with all its considerations, motivations and challenges.


Read Tonya Lockyer + Lane Czaplinski’s conversation on regional hierarchies, artists guidance, curation, and how their organizations work together to foster artists in this region.

STANCEcast: A Conversation about Curation led by April Sellers with Tonya Lockyer and Alice Gosti

Stills from Velocity’s Big Bang 2015

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Ellen (Jing) Xu & Anna Mlasowsky ΔΔ Big Bang 2015 Performance from Velocity Dance Center on Vimeo.



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