#QTPOCDance – Dance of Life, Identity, & Gender – DANA MICHEL & 2016 Showing Out Crew

This week, we are reposting this podcast from #LuluNation + Crew in conjunction with Velocity and CD Forum’s show this weekend, Showing Out: Contemporary Black Choreographers

The original MixCloud post:

Start at 1 minute and 48 seconds :)

Contemporary Black Choreographers and Dancers showcased to promote their upcoming shows. DANA MICHEL of “Yellow Towel” at On the Boards along with Dani Tirrell, Jade Solomon Curtis, and Randy Ford featuring at “Showing Out: Contemporary Black Choreographers”

Dana Michel – danamichel.ca

Dani Tirrell – https://www.facebook.com/Dani-Tirrell…

Randy Ford is part of AU Collective – aucollective.com

Jade Solomon Curtis – www.jadesolomon.com

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