Robert Adams

Robert Adams

The one thing we can always look to guide us as dance artists is our history. Dancers have a rich history of pioneers who asked the tough questions and pushed the parameters of our art. When approaching my work I aim to celebrate that history. I find beauty in the ability to mix the classical lines of Humphrey-Weidman with the questions of Yvonne Rainer, alongside the process of Cunningham. As artists in the New West we have a unique opportunity to find a unity in the generations of modern dance.

The New West is a place of opportunity and new beginnings. The dance community in the city is focused on the progression of the art. The New West is a center for pushing the limits. It is unique in the fact that the communities are close knit and are encouraging of exploration and the ability to continually challenge ones work and process. We are not a region of labels and barriers but a place of exploration, and it is important for us to continue in that direction. When we pursue exploration we find those moments our predecessors aimed for.

In creating, I would like to venture into the realm of investigating what it means to be human, exploring our New West much as our pioneers explored our first west. The New West is still a place where one comes to find themselves, a culture of untouched wilderness alongside bustling cities; a region of discovery and beauty.

What is the New West?

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