He’s done the preacher. He’s done the shaman. Berlin-based dance artist Jeremy Wade will do ’em all over again when he performs his solo Fountain at Velocity on Feb 15th and 16th. He’ll also be teaching a workshop. The latest STANCEcast features highlights from Jeremy’s journey through the Western states and the impossible score he seeks to fulfill in Fountain.

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Want more Jeremy interviews? THEOFFCENTER’s Dramaturgy in Dance published a golden conversation between Wade and Abby Crain, and here’s another with Mary Love Hodges at Movement Research.

BC Campbell composed and performed the music for this episode.

Photo by Romain Etienne

STANCEcast is a podcast produced by Tyler P. Wardwell. Tyler is a STANCE co-editor, a dance artist and VHS enthusiast. Comments, suggestions, and flirtations with respect to STANCEcast are welcome at stancecast@velocitydancecenter.org.

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