The New West is obsessive innovation and excessive opportunity. It is an ‘And’ Culture. It is stronger and easier and cleverer and healthier and more complex and more out of the box and . . .

We see the ‘And’ Culture in the West-Coast-dominated tech industry (your iPhone is small and fast and can tell you the weather and looks good). We see it in West Coast dance (work that uses an inventive process and movement vocabulary and requires exceptional technique from its dancers and engages both mainstream and scholarly audiences and is a commentary on a current social issue).

We want it in our daily West Coast lives (yes, you can have your dream job by the ocean and vacation in the mountains and meet a partner who lives on an organic farm and plays in a band and makes six figures working at Microsoft). Our institutions are young, our money is new, and without the restrictions of long-held traditions we value the idea that we can do it all and we can to it all extremely well.

What is the New West?

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