This is a podcast that aims to talk in circles, about dancing, something, and nothing. You’ll see!

“Pretend Pretension” is a robotic, semi-academic musing on why anybody dances in the first place. Its a rather unusual thing to train the human body to move in unusual ways. Friendly android Peter attempts to clarify what exactly is so imperative that a human would train their body so unusually to do something so drastically strange.

Peter speaks with Ryan Corriston, Wilson Mendieta, and Ilana Goldman, all Dance MFA candidates at the University of Washington. They are all in the class of 2013.

You can download or stream the podcast on soundcloud.

Samples derived from the following users on
benboncan, bruno, bullockjs, ch0cchi, corsica, hammerklavier, dj cronos, dobride, timbre

Other samples from: Paul Hindemith’s “Cholerisch” and Astrud Gilberto’s “Bim Bom”


Dylan Ward is a performer and performance creator from Denver, CO. He likes to dance.

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