There will be a free showing of The Samurai Project this Friday, August 15th, from 3-4:30pm. Click here for more information. There will be two shows of the final piece on Friday, August 22nd at 8 and 10pm (click showtimes for tickets).


Samurai 2

Take a moment. Pause. Breathe. Picture a blank canvas. Read into this with an open mind.

If what you are seeking is a description of a quintessential dance intensive, this is not it.

Three humans, three innovators, three philosophers, three countries. One economist, one architect, one engineer, come together to lead, follow and share; creating a collective incubator that allows dance, as the average person knows it, to evolve, to change, to grow.

Samurai 1

This is what dance will be known as one day. For now, one may see it as an exploration of our connection to the earth and those who inhabit it with us.

It is an authentic interaction between people using movement. It taps into skills lacking in our
society today; true communication, community, observation, connection.



Samurai 5

“The walk is the most primitive and beautiful dance ever.” -Martin Piliponsky

Walking is the foundation to more complex movement, to expanding our brains, to having a full life.

The movement is pure, not easy, but done with ease and efficiency. Use your breath, use the ground, use the mechanics of your body, use one another. Light but powerful, soft but hard, melting but solidifying, evaporating but distilling… All at the same time.

The interaction with the group never ceases, whether you are moving on your own, with a partner, in a quartet, you are always aware of those in the collective; twenty six humans.

Martin Piliponsky, Viko Hernandez and Elia Mrak see themselves and the participants all learning and growing from one another.

Discussion of quantum physics, the theory of evolution, love and lovers help to guide the mind and the movement.

You do not simply leave at the end of the day… You take what you have learned with you.
It becomes a part of your being, a part of your daily practice.

Making sounds walking down the street, moving backwards at times, looping around people, keenly observing the details of the environment, turning your head more often, noticing things you normally would not, creating space for your human rhythm to flow, to expand.

Samurai 4An entire two hour class is taught without any words being spoken. The communication is through movement, through touch, through being vividly aware of what is going on inside and around you, physically and emotionally. The movement desired is demonstrated in minute detail, but no words are necessary.

These words are not necessary. They are a way of reaching out. The gathering of the participants from all over the world will only happen this once, under these circumstances. To fully understand, you need to witness.


You are welcome to do so at the free showing which concludes the two week workshop on Friday August 15th from 3-4:30pm.

The final piece will be performed Friday August 22nd at both 8 & 10pm.


For more information visit The Samurai Project on Tumblr, Elia Mrak’s personal website, and at Velocity Dance Center’s page.

To purchase tickets for the final performance please click here.

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