Zoe Scofield and Juniper Shuey’s latest work is all about process. For this episode of STANCEcast, Zoe talks with Brian Rogers to trace the path that lead to zoe | juniper’s current project: No one to witness and adjust, no one to drive the car. Brian is the artistic director of the Chocolate Factory in Queens, New York where this September he—whilst plastered—premiered Hot Box. This is a conversation mostly about process, but Zoe and Brian also touch on magic, misery, and sheen. At the time of this interview, Zoe and Brian were both Creative Residents at Velocity Dance Center.

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Want more? Here is some further reading on zoe | juniper’s No one to witness chamber studies at City Arts Fest 2012 and Frye Art Museum; and Raja Feather Kelly’s Feath3r Theory.

BC Campbell composed and performed the music for this episode.


STANCEcast is a podcast produced by Tyler P. Wardwell. Tyler is the STANCE intern, a dance artist and VHS enthusiast. Comments, suggestions, and flirtations with respect to STANCEcast are welcome at stance.intern@gmail.com.

Photo: Juniper Shuey

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