This is a collage of short responses from participants to FELT, Melanie Noel’s STANCE Writing Workshop held at Velocity on January 20, 2013.

The workshop helped me experience an abstract idea in concrete form—invaluable for what I’m trying to do with a character.

-Melanie Childers


translators and interpretations going in continuous loops. Russian to German to English to sign to song to Japanese to mouthing to morse.
an idea taking shape. the shape of a little tin foil covered chocolate bullet. of a misty constellation of tiny helium balloons.

-Britt Karhoff


It was beautiful to have the freedom to think about an idea as something more sensorial than what the idea actually is.

-Carla María Negrete Martínez


The workshop experiments were a great reminder that I have “my approach” to writing, creating, living. But by forcing a new approach—one that might actually seem completely artificial or inappropriate—I can make new discoveries about my work, my process and, dare I say it, myself.

-Sean O’Connor


i did like the workshop a lot.
especially the string.
i could play with string for hours. i think i knew this about myself, but only in theory. now, having broken the seal, i do believe i could entertain myself for a really long time with just a single strand.

-ilvs strauss


This workshop sent my brain into some delicious spirals. I found myself wondering: Which parts of a felt experience get concretized into words and which are expressed through the spaces—through the ways the words modify and interact with each other? What if we had words for the latter? How much of language is about shape, and how much is about the space between shapes—movement?

-Jan Trumbauer



Image: “Left hand v. Right hand,” a workshop experiment, courtesy of Kaitlin McCarthy.

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