A year ago Tara Dyberg, a dancer with Ate9 and formerly, Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal, began the process of immigrating to the United States from Canada. As she tells it in this episode of STANCEcast, regular encounters with domineering U.S. border agents shrunk her physical and emotional self. Empowered by achieving permanent resident status, Dyberg is ready to take on a new role in making dances. She is now a choreographer.

Dyberg’s choreographic debut takes place February 23rd in Net//Works at the Fremont Abbey. Her work for two dancers will appear alongside a site-specific sound score by Jesse French, visual art by Kristin DiClemente, and performances by Comedy Sportz. For this STANCEcast, Dyberg and French met with Tyler P. Wardwell to talk about their inspirations and challenges in producing Net//Works. Their conversation touches on immigration, power, and the science of sound.

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Jesse French composed and performed the music for this episode.


STANCEcast is a podcast produced by Tyler P. Wardwell. Tyler is a STANCE co-editor, a dance artist and VHS enthusiast. Comments, suggestions, and flirtations with respect to STANCEcast are welcome at stancecast@velocitydancecenter.org.


Photo by Stephen Byrne.

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