The Seattle Dance Map was commissioned by Velocity in January 2013, and launches in an installation by Lexi Hamill at Next Fest NW 2013.

The online Seattle Dance Map is a visual representation of where dance happens in Seattle. This version of the project represents the core of the dance community. In future versions we hope to include even more non-conventional spaces where dance occurs in this city. Which basements, rooftops and alleyways count as hidden dance spaces in Seattle? The overall goal of the project is to find all of these and watch the map grow as we make new discoveries about our community.

During the creation of this map, which started in January 2013, a number of dance spaces closed down and we could no longer include them as current spaces. It has been both sobering and amazing to watch this map evolve over the past year.

The playlist that accompanies the map contains interviews with members of the Seattle dance community who answer the question “Why do you dance?” These recordings, some very simple and others quite elaborate, add another dimension to this archive. While recording these interviews it was a pleasure to watch dancers journey down the rabbit hole of their answers and come up with something wholly unique and wonderful to say about what they do. It was an honor to speak with each of them and I thank them so much for their time and generosity.

Listen to the playlist of interviews at Next Fest NW 2013!





31479_10151584907287952_1708153759_nLexi Hamill is Velocity Dance Center’s Dramaturgical Intern. As a student at Cornish College of the Arts, she is pursuing a degree in Theater with an emphasis in Original Works and Dramaturgy. Along with her studies she is also an active member of The Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas.

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