Driven by our goal to cultivate and nurture artistically motivated social engagement, we at STANCE are aware of the treasures often found in reaching outside ourselves. Artistry does not thrive in isolation, and neither does discussion. Our age of technology puts a wealth of perspectives at our literal fingertips, providing a multitude of sparks to prompt or continue discussions and engagement. Conversation, Information, and Inspiration are scattered across the web: here are a few spaces that the STANCE team found intriguing this week. What do these voices spark for you? What online gems have you been finding?



The Performance Club is an ongoing effort to create a space for smart and artful writing about live work; a forum for arts writing as well as a chance for all interested parties to share their own critical voices.


Critical Correspondence is committed to diverse forms of writing that engage with the ephemeral nature of performance.


Synchronous Objects is a reimagination of what else dance might look like. From dance to data to objects, Synchronous Objects investigates the interlocking systems of organization in the choreography of William Forsythe’s One Flat Thing, reproduced (2000).


For an archive of the STANCE Weekly Websites and to find more to browse, visit Velocity’s Link Portal.

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