Driven by our goal to cultivate and nurture artistically motivated social engagement, we at STANCE are aware of the treasures often found in reaching outside ourselves. Artistry does not thrive in isolation, and neither does discussion. Our age of technology puts a wealth of perspectives at our literal fingertips, providing a multitude of sparks to prompt or continue discussions and engagement. Conversation, Information, and Inspiration are scattered across the web: here are a few spaces that the STANCE team found intriguing this week. What do these voices spark for you? What online gems have you been finding?


The Dance Films Association is the catalyst for the production, presentation, and preservation of dance on camera. It builds upon founder Susan Braun’s vision by encouraging choreographers to enter the world of filmmaking, for filmmakers to discover the rich history of dance, and for audiences to engage with the broad spectrum of these films. Today, DFA serves the global dance film community by providing membership opportunities, connecting artists and organizations, fostering new works for new audiences, and sharing essential resources. Its constituency includes dance and film artists, academics and critics, as well as students and established professionals.



The Project Room in Seattle is a place of creative inquiry, where different points of view and areas of expertise are presented to an audience. In addition to the arts, programs feature technology, history, geography, industry, and other fields that intersect with the current theme. The goal is to better understand how creativity works for different kinds of people, and to appreciate its relevance to everyday life. Their podcast is free, a monthly series of one-on-one interviews with creative people in arts and culture, and can be downloaded here.


In this essay posted originally on Vanity Fair’s website, dance legend Mikhail Baryshnikov praises fellow icon Wendy Whelan in her transition as she retired this week from an illustrious career at New York City Ballet to pursue a self-directed continuation of her dance life. His words on grace and courage speak to that which creates lasting impact and weight for art and artists.



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