Driven by our goal to cultivate and nurture artistically motivated social engagement, we at STANCE are aware of the treasures often found in reaching outside ourselves. Artistry does not thrive in isolation, and neither does discussion. Our age of technology puts a wealth of perspectives at our literal fingertips, providing a multitude of sparks to prompt or continue discussions and engagement. Conversation, Information, and Inspiration are scattered across the web: here are a few spaces that the STANCE team found intriguing this week. What do these voices spark for you? What online gems have you been finding?

Photograph: Tim Summers

The Body as Teacher, taught by Colleen McNeary, is a somatic movement class specifically geared towards those who have never danced before. It is a safe space to connect with the body and mind as well as learn from others engaged in the process of getting to know themselves through dance and movement.
Life as a Modern Dancer is a blog with a mission and passion to support future generations of dancers with their career paths and dreams. Featuring artist profiles that successfully portray the multi-dimensional lives of working dance artists alongside intelligent and pragmatic advice and articles examining the many facets of a dancer’s life, this blog curated by Jill Homan Randall is a valuable resource to dancers embarking upon or refining a career.

Photograph: Manuel Vason

Lyndsey Winship writes for The Guardian an intriguing article about an organization called Performing Medicine, which aims to bring the art back into medicine by way of the artistic body. Pursuing goals of increased compassion, beneficial physical presence, and laterally creative thinking for doctors; and artistic stimulus for patients, this organization is expanding the concept of worth and validity of dance and the arts.


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