Driven by our goal to cultivate and nurture artistically motivated social engagement, we at STANCE are aware of the treasures often found in reaching outside ourselves. Artistry does not thrive in isolation, and neither does discussion. Our age of technology puts a wealth of perspectives at our literal fingertips, providing a multitude of sparks to prompt or continue discussions and engagement. Conversation, Information, and Inspiration are scattered across the web: here are a few spaces that the STANCE team found intriguing this week. What do these voices spark for you? What online gems have you been finding?

Dance Beat is Deborah Jowitt on bodies in motion, acknowledging the appetite for devouring dancing and spitting out responses to it. Jowitt seeks to craft criticism which probes deeply and imaginatively into choreography and dancing, attempting to capture in words the essence of a particular work.

Move the Frame is dedicated to supporting and promoting videodance, a hybrid of dance and media arts, also known as dance film, cinedance, screendance, and kinodance. The blog serves as a public forum to show and discuss many aspects of videodance including, but not limited to: the state of the art, practices and examples from around the world, its history, its impact on and relationship to live dance performance, artistic & theoretical concepts, production tips, fundraising, marketing & distribution, and profiles of different artists.

Photograph: Gadi Dagon

James Graham writes an essay called We Dance Together, We Stand Together for Dancer’s Group about Batsheva Dance Company’s 50th anniversary and their performance in San Francisco, with a delicate and sensitive understanding of how the company and its art interact with the current political situation in Israel. Graham praises Gaga’s ability to increase sensitivity, generosity, and compassion and offers those qualities as antidotes to conflict, wondering: “As we move in a Gaga class, we notice and listen deeply to what is there, what is happening inside our bodies. Was Gaga a response to the need for this type of practice in a time/place where life is unstable?” A beautiful reflection on the capacity of art to heal and bond.

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