Robert Adams

Robert Adams

As an emerging dance artist in Seattle, I feel that to make performance out of the vibrant culture of the evolving 21st century American West means to ask yourself questions you don’t have the answers to. To ask questions that will perhaps remain unanswered, but which will ignite unfamiliar dialogue within both artist and the audience. When I create work, I begin by asking myself questions. I do not always seek answers in the beginning of my process. Questions such as: What do we negotiate? What are we really choosing when we choose to be neutral? To choose grey as opposed to black and white? Is it a misleading and deceptive choice, which in reality is not a choice?

Making performance out of this dynamic culture of the West means to bring thought-provoking work to viewers that will cause individuals to leave the space with questions, but feeling empowered to find answers. Creating work in the New West culture allows artists to feel genuinely liberated to examine and delve into foreign as well as familiar topics. Artists feel received in their choices to reach into new subject matter and provoke uncomfortable dialogue. Making performance in this culture has an endless range from simplistic playful banter, wisecrack acts, and witticism to the complex, deep-rooted arguments, and topics that question the very vicissitudes of life. Whether abstract or simple, enigmatic or distinct, artists are awakening viewers to experience a new era of West coast art where artists are not afraid to investigate how far art can go to traverse contemporary conversations.

What is the New West?

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