Robert Adams

Robert Adams

I feel that a surge of a new electric energy has come over the Northwest dance scene, creating an aesthetic very unique to our region. As this new energy changes, we take what we have learned from our brilliant and creative forerunners who continue to pave our way, and combine it with what is happening today.

We are concerning ourselves with setting heavy personal limitations, yet creating wide-open spaces in spite of those set limitations.

I am interested in the space in between, that open space that seems empty to the naked eye. I am interested in an atmosphere for the audience to get lost in.

The east is now looking to the New West for collaboration. People are moving here for a beginning and a future. We are offering new thoughts and beautiful multidisciplinary worlds to get lost in. We have taken what we’ve learned from the East and incorporated it into what we want to see now. There is such a beauty and a power in what we are creating here. We are go-getters; we are creators making it happen for ourselves.

What is the New West?

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